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Posted by A. Caleb Hartley on March 25th, 2013 filed in food and drink, Uncategorized

I was recently on a business trip, in flight to Southern California on USAirways, and I came across an article in their inflight magazine.

It was in their February 2013 issue, in their “Must Read” section: Food for Thought, and it was an excerpt from Melanie Warner’s new book “Pandora’s Lunchbox: How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal.”

I’m an avid reader, and this one caught my eye and my attention as soon as I started to read it. As an environmentalist, I believe that natural solutions are better, where they are available, and that that is especially true when it comes to what we put in (and on) our bodies.

Ms. Warner’s introduction to her book talks about how she started out her experiment in our food’s expiration dates kind of on a whim, but that that self-proclaimed “amusing, weird, and gross” experiments with all sorts of different foods became somewhat of an obsession into determining and defining what “processed” food really is, and how deeply rooted (and potentially risky) this processed food has become in and to our modern-day food supply.

Find this book at your local library or buy it at Amazon or, better yet, your locally-owned, neighborhood bookstore, and find out why she claims that, “If we really are what we eat, then we are a different dietary species from what we were at the turn of the 20th century.”

What do you think about processed foods? Are they at the root of our “obesity epidemic” or is something else to blame? Are they a big threat to our health and longevity, or is our increasing life-expectancy proof that processed food is just that – food? Process your thoughtd in the comment section!

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