environmentastic! was created by A. Caleb Hartley, who has been an environmentalist for nearly as long as he can remember. environmentastic! was born of the idea that there is much to be proud of in the environmental community – that the “gloom and doom” of environmentalism is unnecessary and actually a step backward. environmentastic! reviews green products & services, discusses environmental issues, & recognizes the good (without ignoring the bad) happening in Earth friendly products & services. Environmentastic! is your one-stop-shop for environmental information, products, action, and good news!

People will do the right thing for the environment if only they knew what to do and where to buy more environmentally-friendly products. Greening someone’s life does not mean that you all of a sudden become a “tree-hugger” or a “cruchy” vegetarian (unless that is your goal); what it does mean is that you make more conscious choices with what you buy and how you consume. environmentastic!’s goal is to bring green products and services to one place; to make them as easy to find as conventional products at Wal-Mart, Target, or Meijer. Find & buy green products & services here!

Reconciling business & the environment lies not in changing people’s lifestyles but in changing the products & services used to meet people’s lifestyle expectations. But you don’t have to be perfect – every little step and every little choice helps.

There are certainly some in the green movement who are quick to judge! These people will attack immediately if you aren’t “as green as” they are, or if you stumble and decide to buy non-organic blueberries once or twice… and they give the environmental movement a bad name. environmentastic! is not that person – we will lay out your choices and discuss why it is important to be green. We know that some people make choices based on animal rights (but aren’t interested in climate change). We know that some people buy organic for health reasons (but aren’t interested in animal rights). And we know that all of the above is okay. Whatever your reason for choosing to be a little more green in your life, we will never be judgemental or harp on you if you slip and fall once in awhile. As long as you get back up and keep trying, we’ll all be making a difference in the world, a little bit at a time!

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