$500 contest – flyering eco-conscious cars!

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Planet Thoughts is running the Super-Cars Shout Out Competition for an opportunity to win US $500! 

The contest asks you to “place a simple, colorful flier on high mileage cars that you encounter, showing the vehicle owner that she or he has done something worthy by choosing a leading-edge (in fuel efficiency) vehicle.”  Once you have placed the flyer. snap a picture with a digital camera (or cell phone), then upload the pics (free registration required) to Planet Thoughts.

The vehicles on which flyers are placed must be models that achieve at least 40 Miles-per-Gallon, as listed on the High-Efficiency Cars page on Planet Thoughts.  The person who uploads the most pictures of valid car models will win the grand prize of at least $500.

The contest’s “simple rules” can be found here.  The competition has already started, and runs until June 2, 2008 at 11:59pm Eastern (US) Time (GMT -5).  All pictures must be submitted by that time.

A. Caleb Hartley

What a wonderful idea for a contest! Not only will all of us tree-huggers have the opportunity to scout green vehicles (which we all secretly covet), but the lucky people who already own them will get recognition for their implicit support of the Earth while we’re at it! What do you think about this contest? Will you take part? Paper the comments and let us know!

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  1. amy@black mold Says:

    I hope they make sure not to show license plate or any id tags. I like the idea but am not sure if you need permission to post picture from person who owns the car.

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