Algae Fueled Car

Posted by Joe Bauer on September 10th, 2009 filed in Alternative Energy

A modified Prius is making a tour of the country while running on a fuel blended with algae.

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7 Responses to “Algae Fueled Car”

  1. Wilson Pon Says:

    With this brand new combination, it helps to reduce the carbon offset! Honestly, I personally loved this concept very much.

  2. long stay travel insurance over 65 Says:

    You can blend all sorts of organics into fuel but it doesn’t make it viable. At least they’re trying to find a good solution thouggh so every step in the right direction is welcome!

  3. discount solar Says:

    How much of a difference does 5% algae make anyway? There are other biofuels that are much better suited for automobiles.

  4. Micah Says:

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  5. Climatarians | J. Hoogstrate Says:

    That’s really heartening to note. This is a good trend. If algae can fuel our cars in the future, we can hope to reduce a lot of pollution to the atmosphere and cut costs on fuel as well. Hope this technology takes off and becomes main stream. We run a global sustainability directory where we highlight such innovative designs that help save the environment.

  6. Vildim Crusher Says:

    There was a program that I watched on the discovery channel which had algae on the roof tops on a Texas facility that turned algae into electricity. I wonder if this is the same process.

  7. Sabra Says:

    Algae fuel…neat concept! With all of these cleaner & more sustainable technologies, people are slowly running out of excuses to not be sustainable!
    Sabra´s last blog post ..8 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

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