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Happy Twenty Dime! (it’s what I’m calling 2010, it’s so much more upbeat!)

I hope your New Year’s and Earth Day resolutions are well on their way to being successful! One new thing I’m trying this year, in addition to my food paradigm shift toward healthier eating, is finding new and creative ways to lesson my footprint and track it. While I am pretty happy most of the time knowing I’m doing better than average, I still like to run a check and balance on myself. Is it masochism? Probably not, just more incentive to show folks that it’s possible. Maybe a little masochism. Just for good measure.

Anyhoo, I am intrigued by carbon footprint calculators, but have joked about how there needed to be a Weight Watchers for carbon consumption, so that you had more tracking in real time.

One place I found is the website Named the Smallbusiness of the Year by, Brighter Planet gives you a place to track your behaviors that cut your carbon emissions (drip dry your dishes! eat local food! ride share!) while at the same time tracking how often you do them (once, thrice/week, all week) in order to get precise calculations. While I’m new at it, I hope after a while I can start noticing habits I can improve based on their trove of tips an ideas, some that I hope to try and share here.

I initially went to the site to vote for a friend of mine’s solar panel project (full disclosure) which is competing for funding this month. After I registered (you have to in order to vote) I started looking around and thought it was a site worthy of mention. Check out their full list of projects to vote for here, and you get three votes to spread around any way you choose! I was impressed they have (non-voting) projects in the works building methane digesters and wind turbines– two solutions that can be part of an overall smart energy strategy.

I’ve already started seeing what I can add to my carbon footprint log to reduce what I’ve contributed in 2010 (twentydime)! :)


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2 Responses to “Create a Brighter Planet!”

  1. Abel Says:

    Brighter Planet sounds amazing.. sometimes tracking stuff is just the impetus we need to change our behaviors.
    .-= Abel´s last blog ..Getting To Learn Further About The Best Awnings =-.

  2. Trisha Carter Says:

    I’m not sure if it will add to the brightness but my husband bought gallons of heat reflective paint from and he will be painting our roof with it. I guess if it works the sunlight and heat will get reflected back to space and make the roof bright and shiny.

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